2018 "Taming The Machine | Free Digital Literacy | Abbadia, Italy" - Edge of Humanity Magazine, April 17, 2018. (read)

2016 "LA TINAIA. Art as social redemption." - SDN Social Documentary Network, New York. (read)

2015 "EMO FORMICHI. A photographic narrative by Tamajano / a film by Francesco Faralli" - Edizioni Polistampa, Firenze. (read more on amazon)

2014 Photos for Art Catalogue "ANTONIO BRIZZOLARI. A-quasi-self-portrait." - Edizioni Mandragora, Firenze. (read more on amazon)

2014 Graphic project of "L'OPERA AL NUDO / DAS AKTKUNSTWERK. CALENDARIO/KALENDER 2014." - Fratini Editore, Firenze.

2013 Cover image of the book "FARE IL SINDACO" interview with the mayor Riccardo Nocentini, by Franco Gallelli - Franco Angeli Editore, Milano.

2012 Graphic project of "2012". Calendar of A European art project GRENZGӒNGER/SCONFINARE (Freiburg 2011 / Firenze 2012/ Zürich 2012)- Projekt Grenzgӓnger, Freiburg.

2011 Graphic project of the Art Catalogue "GRENZGӒNGER" - Projekt Grenzgӓnger, Freiburg.

2010 Photos and Graphic project of the Art Catalogue "CHI (S)OFFRE DI PIù" - L'UOMO Edizioni, Firenze.

2004 Cover image of the book "SOTTOVUOTO" of Matteo Bellesi - Edizioni Remo Sandron, Firenze.


...There are not many events that brought me to see things in the way I see them now: Born on the 15th of September 1977 with the name Emiliano Palei, from the mythical GP and Aldina, preceded by my good brother Cris by few years / My first primary school teacher 'Francesco', seeing nearly every day two big green stains at knee level of his trousers at the end of break-time; admiring the caricatures he used to customize and to annotate the back of each copy of the class photo / Taking part in a national drawing competition at the age of 9; coming third and being shocked when looking at the works of the first two / Sharing a piece of life with Memo / Getting to know Gigliola, Luana, Emilio, Luca, Lullo … and with them my new name (tamajano), but, above all, the need to take myself seriously as a witness of myself / Having a constant support from the future, Mela / The beautiful life and art experience “soni&tamajano” / The people and artists met in La Tinaia / The constant flow with Matte / Living with Giuli, Giobo and Annuki.
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